FCE Listening Practice Test 17

Part 2

You’ll hear an announcement about an evening’s programme. For questions 9-18, complete the sentences with a word or short phrase.

7.30 pm ‘Art Review’: Student Art Exhibition
This evening’s programme is taking place at the 9 in London.
The exhibition is of work by students in the 10 year of their art course.
At the exhibition, you can see things as different as curtains and 11 .
Some of the works of art have been made using 12 technology.

8.00 pm Play: ‘The Vanishing Lady’
In the play, a young couple on a train think they hear the sound of someone using a 13 .
A 14 tells the couple about an old lady whom he has seen.
After writing this play, the author, Porten, became a writer for 15 .

9.30 pm ‘Business Scenes’: Interview with Peter Field
Peter used to work for a 16 .
Peter says the material he uses for his boats is a particular kind of 17 .
Peter collects 18 as a hobby.

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