FCE Listening Practice Test 14

Part 4

You will hear three friends talking about their relationships. For questions 24-30, choose the best answer (A, В or C).

24. What’s Anne’s problem?
A She’s got no one to go out with.
B She’s angry with her boyfriend.
C She has hurt herself.

25. Who has been hard to get in touch with recently?
A Mark
B Dave
C Anne

26. What does Mark do?
A He gets angry with Anne.
B He tries to change the subject.
C He asks Sue about her boyfriend.

27. What does Dave say?
A He will never get married to Sue.
B He isn’t sure if he is going to go on holiday or not.
C He doesn’t know where to go on holiday.

28. What is Mark’s problem?
A He smokes too much.
B He goes out too often.
C He has a medical problem.

29. How can Anne be described at the end?
A sad
B optimistic
C nervous

30. What is Mark’s attitude towards Anne?
A He disapproves of her dating someone else so quickly.
B He wants to try to help her.
C He thinks it is unlikely that her cousin will be interested in her.

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