FCE Listening Practice Test 14

Part 2

You are going to hear somebody giving their opinion about the media and its influence on society. For questions 9-18, complete the sentences.

Society and the Media

The three forms of media are TV, radio and 9 .
Politicians use the media during political 10 .
Entertainers use it to stay in the 11 .
The percentage of people who did not have a particular point of view about the privacy of celebrities was 12 .
The most influential form of media is 13 .
We can be deceived by TV when we are shown carefully selected 14 .
Some TV stations turn true events into 15 .
A newspaper had to pay 16 for printing lies about a pop singer.
Sometimes a paper can avoid being sued if it makes a public 17 .
There are two kinds of newspaper; the “quality” papers and the 18 .

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