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FCE Listening Practice Test 1

Part 4

You will hear Leonie Steiner talking to an interviewer about her work as a music teacher in a school. For questions 24-30, choose the best answer (A, В or C).

24. Leonie first starting learning the piano
A with a relative.
B at primary school.
C with a private teacher.

25. Leonie started giving music lessons
A for the pleasure of seeing others learn.
B because she needed some extra money.
C to see if she was suited to teaching.

26. Leonie most likes to teach students who
A have great natural talent at an early age.
B need good teaching to develop their talent.
C have previously been taught badly.

27. Leonie thinks that schools should
A employ far more music teachers.
B buy good musical instruments.
C ensure that all their pupils pass music exams.

28. Leonie thinks the problem with singing in schools is that
A many students are too embarrassed to sing.
B few students want to learn how to sing.
C singing is not often taught in them nowadays.

29. Leonie believes her success as a music teacher is a result of
A choosing a particular age group of children to teach.
B the training she received as a student teacher.
C a natural ability to communicate with young people.

30. What decision did Leonie find difficult to make?
A to turn down the offer of a job abroad
B to refuse promotion in the school
C to continue teaching when she felt tired

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