FCE Listening Practice Test 1

Part 2

You will hear an expert snowboarder called Brad Mitchell talking about the sport of extreme snowboarding. For questions 9-18, complete the sentences with a word or short phrase.

Extreme snowboarding

Brad says there are no 9 to warn extreme snowboarders of dangers.
Brad advises snowboarders always to follow the 10 when descending.
Brad always wears a 11 when he goes into the mountains.
According to Brad, you need a lot of 12 to set off down the mountain.
Brad particularly enjoys doing several 13 when he is going down a slope.
Brad says at first he found it difficult to do a good 14 on steep slopes.
Brad says you must never 15 if you feel you’re about to fall.
Brad advises against putting your weight on your 16 in a fall.
Brad always carries a 17 in case he is in difficulty following a fall.
In the future, Brad would most like to try 18 snowboarding.

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