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FCE Listening Practice Test 8 Printable

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Part 1

You will hear people talking in eight different situations. For questions 1-8, choose the best answer (A, В or C).

1. You hear a message on a telephone answering machine. Why is the speaker calling?
A to confirm some arrangements
B to issue an invitation
C to persuade someone to do something

2. You hear two people talking about a water-sports centre. The man says the centre should
A pay more attention to safety.
B offer activities for small children.
C provide all the equipment needed.

3. You hear a professional tennis player talking about her career. What annoys her most about interviewers?
A their belief that she leads a glamorous life
B their assumption that she’s motivated by money
C their tendency to disturb her while she’s travelling

4. You hear a poet talking about his work. What is he doing?
A giving his reasons for starting to visit schools
B justifying the childlike nature of some of his recent poems
C explaining that his poems appeal to people of different ages

5. You hear two people talking about a programme they saw on TV. The woman thinks the programme was
A irritating.
B sad.
C uninformative.

6. You hear two people talking about an ice-hockey game they’ve just seen. How does the girl feel about it?
A pleased to have had the experience
B relieved that she’d dressed appropriately
C impressed by the performance of the team

7. You overhear two friends talking about a restaurant. What do they both like about it?
A the presentation of the food
B the atmosphere of the place
C the originality of the cooking

8. You hear a man talking on the radio. What type of information is he giving?
A a travel announcement
B a weather forecast
C an accident report

Part 2

You will hear a woman called Angela Thomas, who works for a wildlife organisation, talking about the spectacled bear. For questions 9-18, complete the sentences.

Spectacled Bears

Angela says that it was the 9 _______ of the spectacled bear that first interested her.
Angela mentions that the bear’s markings can be found on its 10 _______ as well as its eyes and cheeks.
Angela is pleased by evidence that spectacled bears have been seen in 11 _______ areas of Argentina.
Angela says the bears usually live in 12 _______ , though they can also be found in other places.
Spectacled bears behave differently from other types of bear during 13 _______ , which Angela finds surprising.
Angela is upset that 14 _______are the biggest danger to spectacled bears.
Angela says that spectacled bears usually eat 15 _______ and tree bark.
Bears climb trees and make a 16 _______ , which fascinated Angela.
When bears eat meat, they much prefer 17 _______ although they do eat other creatures.
One man has produced an amusing 18 _______ about the time he spent studying the bears.
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