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FCE Listening Practice Test 4 Printable

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Part 1

You will hear people talking in eight different situations. For questions 1-8, choose the best answer (A, В or C).

1. You hear someone talking about football referees. What is the speaker’s attitude towards referees?
A They make too many mistakes.
В They deserve sympathy.
C Some are better than others.

2. You hear a famous chef talking about his week. What does he say about what happened during the week?
A He had a problem that was not his fault.
В He didn’t want to appear on so many programmes.
C He had his first experience of live TV.

3. You hear someone talking about her career in dancing. What does she emphasize?
A the contribution made by her parents
В how much hard work she did
C her desire to be a dancer

4. You hear someone talking on the phone at work. Who is she talking to?
A a colleague
В her boss
C a client

5. You hear a radio presenter talking about a book. What feeling does the presenter express about the book?
A doubt that it does exactly what it says it does
В amazement at how up to date its information is
C curiosity about how it was written

6. You hear part of an interview with a famous comedian. What does he say about his school days?
A The teachers never criticized him.
В He was only good at one subject.
C Other people found him amusing.

7. You hear someone talking about a person he knows. What is the speaker doing?
A complaining
В apologizing
C arguing

8. You hear a tour guide talking to a group of visitors to a museum. What does he tell them about the museum?
A Its easy to get lost in it.
В Big groups aren’t allowed in some parts of it.
C It’s better only to visit a small part of it.

Part 2

You will hear someone talking about the sport of elephant polo. For questions 9-18, complete the sentences.

Elephant Polo

Elephants are 9_______ animals and so they enjoy elephant polo tournaments.
The 10_______ of a goal in elephant polo is the same as in football.
A player and an elephant 11_______ both sit on each elephant.
It is against the rules for the elephants to use their trunks to 12_______ the ball.
A total of 13_______ elephants are required for a game to take place.
The participants are in action for a total of 14_______ during each game.
The stick used in the game is both 15___ and ___.
The elephants sometimes want to 16_______ in front of a goal.
An elephant with a bad 17_______ will be taken out of a game.
African elephants are not used because 18_______ cause a problem.
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