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FCE Listening Practice Test 21 Printable

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Part 1

You will hear people talking in eight different situations. For questions 1-8, choose the best answer (A, В or C).

1 You hear two answerphone messages. After the messages, what is Nick supposed to do?
A visit his mother
B take his mother to Blackpool
C phone Jenny

2 You hear an advertisement for a supermarket. What does it suggest you should buy?
A Asdaway products
B popular products
C half-price products

3 You hear a short news item. Why did a doctor stop at Alan’s house?
A His car had broken down.
B He was lost.
C The house was on fire.

4 You hear a girl talking to her mother. What does she think of her mother’s suggestions?
A One dish is too fattening.
B One dish needs too much cooking.
C One dish is too complicated.

5 You hear a receptionist talking on the phone. Where does she work?
A a college
B an accountant s office
C a doctor’s surgery

6 You hear someone addressing a crowd of people. Where are they?
A at a building site
B at a road accident
C outside a burning building

7 You hear two men, Alan and Jim, talking about a tree. Who will keep the tree?
A Alan
B Jim
C Steve

8 You hear a chef on a TV cookery programme. Why doesn’t she make brownies very often?
A They are hard to resist.
B They are too moist.
C They are very heavy

Part 2

You will hear a radio programme on which the host, Gordon Joyce, talks to a woman called Maggie Forbes about food packaging. For questions 9-18, complete the sentences.

Gordon says that, until quite recently, most food packaging consisted of a brown 9 ______
Plastic packaging is supposed to keep food 10 ______ and so  make it better.
Maggie Forbes is in charge of packaging and 11 ______ for a chain of supermarkets.
She says that 30-50% of food is wasted in countries without modern packaging and 12 ______ systems.
In contrast, Maggie says, people in Europe throw away no more than 13 ______ of food nowadays.
Maggie claims plastic packaging saves money, but Gordon suggests that it is a 14 ______
Maggie says food stored in the 15 ______ should be wrapped in plastic to prevent loss of water content.
She points out that glass and stone containers are easily broken and very 16 ______
She says that plastic packaging prevents food smelling and 17 ______ bacteria which cause food poisoning.
Gordon is worried that plastic bags have a very bad effect on the 18 ______
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