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FCE Listening Practice Test 16 Printable

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Part 1

You will hear people talking in eight different situations. For questions 1-8, choose the best answer (A, В or C).

1. You hear a restaurant manager talking about the cooks who work for him. What does he say about them?
A They dislike cleaning tasks.
B They have a choice of jobs.
C They help to decide the menu.

2. You hear a woman talking about a new book. What does she particularly like about the book?
A It is educational.
B It is well organised.
C It is enjoyable.

3. You hear the writer of a television soap opera being interviewed about the programme. What will happen next in the story?
A Someone will make an important decision.
B Someone will go away unexpectedly.
C Someone will learn the truth at last.

4. You hear part of a radio interview. Who is speaking?
A a taxi driver
B a porter
C a tourist guide

5. You hear a woman talking about how she keeps fit. Why did she decide to take up line dancing?
A She thought the pace would suit her.
B She had heard about it on television.
C She wanted to try exercising to music.

6. You overhear a conversation in a restaurant. What does the woman think about the food she has just eaten?
A It was expensive.
B It was delicious.
C It looked wonderful.

7. You turn on the radio and hear a man talking. What is he talking about?
A drawing pictures
B writing fiction
C composing music

8. You overhear a student phoning her parents. What is her opinion of the place she is living in while at college?
A She is not sure she will have enough room to study.
B She has difficulty in working because of the noise.
C She does not get on well with her room-mates.

Part 2

You will hear an interview with Elizabeth Holmes about her experience working in Africa. For questions 9-18, complete the sentences with a word or short phrase.

Volunteering in Africa

Elizabeth worked for a 9_______ before she went to Africa.
Elizabeth first found out about working as a volunteer from a 10_______ she saw at the dentist’s.
The course in London that Elizabeth attended was called 11_______
Elizabeth’s job in Africa was to teach 12_______ how to market their goods.
On arrival in Africa, Elizabeth spent 13_______ doing a training course with other volunteers.
Elizabeth used a 14_______ to travel short distances in Africa.
Elizabeth feels that she got on best with 15_______ in the area of Africa where she lived.
Back in England, Elizabeth found that she was disturbed by the 16_______ in the city.
At the moment, Elizabeth buys and sells 17_______ from Africa.
Nowadays, Elizabeth spends more time on her favourite pastime, which is 18_______