CAE Listening Practice Test 18

CAE Listening Practice Test 18

CAE Listening Part 4

You will hear five short extracts in which people are talking about a four-day hiking trip to a remote historical site in the mountains.

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For questions 21-25, choose from the list A-H each speaker gives for going on the trip.

For questions 26-30, choose from the list A-H the aspect of the trip each speaker found most memorable.
A to fulfil a long-held ambition
B to keep someone company
C to set a personal challenge
D to celebrate something
E to prove someone wrong
F to complete a set of experiences
G to follow someone’s example
H to meet like-minded people

21 Speaker 1

22 Speaker 2

23 Speaker 3

24 Speaker 4

25 Speaker 5

A the impressive architecture
B the view from the site
C the support of companions
D the historical notes
E the route taken
F the overnight accommodation
G the food provided
H the attitude of the guide

26 Speaker 1

27 Speaker 2

28 Speaker 3

29 Speaker 4

30 Speaker 5

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