CAE Listening Practice Test 18

CAE Listening Practice Test 18

CAE Listening Part 2

You will hear a radio reporter called Sally Nelson telling a group of teenagers about how work experience schemes have helped her in her career. For questions 7-14, complete the sentences.


While attending university, Sally did a degree in 7 .
Having graduated from university, Sally got her first job of a 8 .
Sally uses the word 9 to describe what the first day at a radio station felt like.
Sally later got an offer to join a 10 from the boss of the Brighton radio station.
Sally found doing 11 on air during her time in Brighton to be most enjoyable.
A colleague from Brighton advised Sally to study 12 at evening classes.
At the national broadcasting company, the majority of Sally’s work was on the 13 desk.
Sally believes 14 to be the main advantage of doing work experience.

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