CAE Listening Practice Test 12 -

CAE Listening Practice Test 12

CAE Listening Part 3

You will hear a radio interview in which two web designers called Rob Thorn and Sophie Unwin are discussing aspects of their work.. For questions 15-20, choose the answer (А, В, C or D) which fits best according to what you hear.

15. Sophie says that the work of web designers
A must reflect constant evolution in the field.
B is subject to rigid time constraints.
C should prioritise aesthetic considerations.
D is limited by technical requirements.

16. Sophie believes the success of a website depends on
A the originality of its appearance.
B the balance of text and illustration.
C the emphasis on pictorial accuracy.
D the logical organisation of its content.

17. Why did Rob first turn his attention to website design?
A It offered an exciting new challenge.
B It was an outlet for his training in graphic art.
C He discovered it was a good way to make money.
D He found he had a particular talent for gaming.

18. The change from being a freelancer to working for a company has led Sophie to feel
A relieved she carries less responsibility.
B sorry she has work that is less predictable.
C disappointed she has less contact with clients.
D pleased she spends less time on administration.

19. What is Rob’s strategy when dealing with clients?
A to defend his own ideas vigorously
B to overstate the time a project will take
C to conduct meetings in a formal atmosphere
D to focus on discussing financial details

20. Both Rob and Sophie say they find inspiration by
A developing a heightened perception of everyday things.
B appreciating new technological developments.
C studying the work of other designers.
D experimenting with other art forms.

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