CAE Listening Practice Test 12

CAE Listening Part 2

You will hear a woman called Sarah Harvey talking about her work with an environmental organisation which helps to protect the seas from pollution. For questions 7-14 complete the sentences with a word or short phrase.

Protecting the Seas from Pollution

The organisation Sarah works for is called 7 .
Sarah was surprised to learn that seabirds have been known to eat 8 on occasions.
Sarah says that plastic can be compared to a 9 because of the way it absorbs dangerous substances.
Sarah learned that the toxins in plastic harm the 10 system of many creatures.
Sarah explains how the breakdown of plastic items into small particles is caused by 11 and the effects of the sun.
Sarah says that most plastic in the sea has its origin in 12 sources.
Sarah gives the example of 13 as something to use instead of household detergents.
Sarah strongly advises car owners to prevent 14 from their vehicles.

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