CAE Listening Practice Test 17 Printable -
CAE Listening Practice Test 17 Printable

CAE Listening Practice Test 17 Printable

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Part 1

You will hear three different extracts. For questions 1-6, choose the answer (A, В or C) which fits best according to what you hear. There are two questions for each extract.

Extract One
You will hear two people talking about a problem at work.

1. What is the man’s problem?
A Nobody will listen to his complaints at work.
B There is friction between him and a colleague.
C He’s fallen out with his boss.

2. What does the woman think?
A He needs to approach the problem in a different way.
B He has to accept that there will be problems in any office.
C He is the main cause of all the office problems.

Extract Two
You will hear two people talking about how the woman got her job.

3. What were Janet’s expectations of the recruitment fair?
A She was hoping to get some ideas for a career.
B She was sure that someone would offer her a job in Public Relations.
C She had incorrect preconceptions as to what she would gain from it.

4. How did Paul gain from the recruitment fair?
A He passed an interview there and got a job.
B He impressed someone who then recommended him for a job.
C He applied for several jobs there and was successful.

Extract Three
You will hear two people talking about the man’s job as a prison officer.

5. What does the man say about his job?
A You need to have a degree to get a promotion.
B If you want a promotion you will have to go into management.
C it’s a career that offers incentives for industrious people.

6. What is the woman’s opinion of the man?
A He is both courageous and mad.
B He must have a cruel side to him.
C His desire to get a promotion is more important than anything else

Part 2

You will hear a woman talking about her job as a probation worker. For questions 7-14, complete the sentences with a word or short phrase.

The Probation Worker

Georgia grew up on a 7________.
Georgia didn’t think she had enough 8________ for a career in probation work.
While studying for her degree, Georgia worked as a 9________ in three different places.
Being able to work out which 10________ is the most urgent is an important skill.
While working face to face with an offender, you both have 11________ to deal with.
Georgia works in the prison, 12________ and her office.
The worst part of Georgia’s job is dealing with 13________.
Georgia has to work with the courts to decide on a fair 14________ for each offender
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