CAE Listening Practice Test 12 Printable -
CAE Listening Practice Test 12 Printable

CAE Listening Practice Test 12 Printable

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Part 1

You will hear three different extracts. For questions 1-6, choose the answer (A, В or C) which fits best according to what you hear. There are two questions for each extract.

Extract One
You hear two friends talking about online privacy.

1. Why does the man mention his uncle?
A to criticise his attitude to technology
B to challenge a recommendation made by the woman
C to illustrate the power of the media

2. They agree that modern technology
A makes little difference to the accessibility of personal information.
B is less invasive than some people suggest.
C will continue to reduce people’s privacy.

Extract Two
You hear two trainee chefs discussing the issue of food waste.

3. What does the woman think about her boss’s ideas?
A She’s surprised at his forward-looking attitude.
B She’s dismissive of his attention to detail.
C She’s concerned about his generosity towards customers.

4. In reacting to the woman’s comments, the man reveals that he is
A determined to change practices at his own workplace.
B unsure about the facts she is presenting to him.
C doubtful whether his chef would accept new ideas.

Extract Three
You hear two students talking about an experiment into the way people perceive time.

5. The woman thinks the experiment was important because
A it provided unexpected results.
B it presented a great physical challenge.
C it raised public awareness of the subject.

6. She believes celebrating special events
A convinces people that time passes more quickly.
B provides people with pleasant memories.
C gives people a sense of structure when recalling the past.

Part 2

You will hear a woman called Sarah Harvey talking about her work with an environmental organisation which helps to protect the seas from pollution. For questions 7-14, complete the sentences with a word or short phrase.

Protecting the Seas from Pollution

The organisation Sarah works for is called 7________.
Sarah was surprised to learn that seabirds have been known to eat 8________ on occasions.
Sarah says that plastic can be compared to a 9________ because of the way it absorbs dangerous substances.
Sarah learned that the toxins in plastic harm the 10________ system of many creatures.
Sarah explains how the breakdown of plastic items into small particles is caused by 11________ and the effects of the sun.
Sarah says that most plastic in the sea has its origin in 12________ sources.
Sarah gives the example of 13________ as something to use instead of household detergents.
Sarah strongly advises car owners to prevent 14________ from their vehicles.
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