CAE Listening Practice Test 1 Printable -
CAE Listening Practice Test 1 Printable and PDF version

CAE Listening Practice Test 1 Printable

Part 3

You will hear part of an interview with the astronaut Charles Duke, who is talking about his trip to the moon. For questions 15-20, choose the answer (А, В, C or D) which fits best according to what you hear.

15. How did Charles feel about space travel as a boy?
A He thought it was unlikely to happen.
В He regarded it as more than science fiction.
C He was fascinated by the idea of it.
D He showed no particular interest in it.

16. What did Charles consider to be the hardest part of the training?
A feeling trapped in the heavy spacesuit
В endlessly practising the lunar surface landing
C constantly being afraid of making a mistake
D being unable to move his arms and hands

17. What was Charles’s reaction when he first found out he was going to the moon?
A He realised he had to be cautious.
В He felt proud to be given the opportunity.
C He tried to control his excitement.
D He reflected on his chances of survival.

18. How did the crew feel when they had landed on the moon?
A They felt as if they were coming home.
В They realised they had achieved something special.
C They were afraid of what they might find on the surface.
D They were worried about how they would take off again.

19. What feature of the moon made the greatest impact on Charles?
A the brightness of the
В the vastness of the sky
C the loneliness of the place
D the absence of any stars

20. What does Charles feel was the most memorable part of his mission?
A nearly falling into a crater
В walking on the moon’s surface
C seeing things never seen before
D holding a piece of the moon

Part 4

You will hear five short extracts in which people are talking about an occasion when they came into contact with a well-known celebrity.

For questions 21-25, choose from the list A-H what each speaker says about coming into contact with a celebrity.

For questions 26-30, choose from the list A-H the opinion each speaker gives about the celebrity.
A. I failed to recognise the person.
B. I realised I had forgotten something.
C. I insisted on something.
D. I was upset by personal criticism.
E. I had been given incorrect information.
F. I was pleasantly surprised.
G. I refused a request.
H. I was amused by something.

Speaker 1 21 [  ]

Speaker 2 22 [  ]

Speaker 3 23 [  ] 

Speaker 4 24 [  ]

Speaker 5 25 [  ]

A. He/She became more agitated than necessary.
B. He/She enjoyed causing trouble.
C. He/She appeared totally at ease.
D. He/She expected too much privacy.
E. He/She seemed insincere.
F. He/She wasn’t able to cope with fame.
G. He/She talked down to me.
H. He/She eventually accepted the regulations.
Speaker 1 26[  ]

Speaker 2 27[  ]

Speaker 3 28[  ]

Speaker 4 29[  ]

Speaker 5 30[  ]

Answer Keys

Part 1
1. B   2. A   3. C   4. C   5. C   6. B

Part 2
7. waterfall   8. road   9. hot, wet (in either order)   10. path
11. meat, vegetables (in either order)   12. energy   13. worried   14. 30 dollars/thirty dollars/$30

Part 3
15. D   16. B   17. A    18. B   19. C   20. D

Part 4
21. B   22. E   23. C   24. G   25. F
26. G   27. A   28. H   29. D   30. C
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