IELTS Listening Practice Test 8

Section 3

Questions 21-24

Choose the right answer A-C

21 The professor says that super highways
A lead to better lifestyles.
B are a feature of wealthy cities.
C result in more city suburbs.

22 The student thinks people
A like the advantages of the suburbs.
B rarely go into the city for entertainment.
C enjoy living in the city.

23 The professor suggests that in five years’ time
A City Link will be choked by traffic
B public transport will be more popular
C roads will cost ten times more to build

24 The student believes that highways
A encourage a higher standard of driving
B result in lower levels of pollution
C discourage the use of old cars

Questions 25 and 26

Label the graphs below



Questions 27 and 28

Choose TWO letters A-F.
Which TWO facts are mentioned about Copenhagen?

A live street theatre encouraged
B 30% of citizens walk to work
C introduction of parking metres
D annual reduction of parking spots
E free city bicycles
F free public transport

Questions 29 and 30

Choose TWO letters A-F.
Which TWO reasons are given for the low popularity of public transport?

A buses slower than cars
B low use means reduced service
C private cars safer
D public transport expensive
E frequent stopping inconvenient
F making connections takes time

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