IELTS Listening Practice Test 30 -
IELTS Listening Practice Test 30 - Holiday Rental, Dodo

IELTS Listening Practice Test 30

Section 4

Questions 31-40
Complete the notes below.
Write ONE WORD ONLY for each answer


The dodo was a large flightless bird which used to inhabit the island of Mauritius.

• 1507 – Portuguese ships transporting 31 stopped at the island to collect food and water.
• 1638 – The Dutch established a 32 on the island.
• They killed the dodo birds for their meat.
• The last one was killed in 1681.

• The only record we have is written descriptions and pictures (possibly unreliable).
• A Dutch painting suggests the dodo was very 33
• The only remaining soft tissue is a dried 34
• Recent studies of a dodo skeleton suggest the birds were capable of rapid 35
• It’s thought they were able to use their small wings to maintain 36
• Their 37 was of average size.
• Their sense of 38 enabled them to find food.

Reasons for extinction
• Hunting was probably not the main cause.
• Sailors brought dogs and monkeys.
39 also escaped onto the island and ate the birds’ eggs.
• The arrival of farming meant the 40 was destroyed.

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