IELTS Listening Practice Test 18

IELTS Listening Section 3

Questions 21-24

Label the chart below.
Choose your answers from the box below and write the correct letters in boxes 21-24 on
your answer sheet

IELTS Listening Practice Test - Reasons for young people to live their parent's homes





A relationship/marriage
B emancipation
C need for freedom
D studies
E conflict with parents
F pressure from parents
G new job
H need for space and privacy
I abuse

Questions 25-29

Which student will present which information?
A Melanie
B Chris
C Both

Write the correct letter, A, B, or C, in boxes 26-29 on your answer sheet.
25 the 18-20 group
26 the 20-24 group
27 the under-18 group
28 the 25 and over group
29 the group that still live with parents

Question 30

Which graph shows what problems people who moved out of their parents’ house faced in their first few months living alone?


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