IELTS Listening Practice Test 16

Section 2

Questions 11, 12

Choose TWO letters, A – E.
Which TWO changes have been made so far during the refurbishment of the theatre?

A Some rooms now have a different use.
B A different type of seating has been installed.
C An elevator has been installed.
D The outside of the building has been repaired.
E Extra seats have been added.

Questions 13, 14

Choose TWO letters, A – E
Which TWO facilities does the theatre currently offer to the public?

A rooms for hire
B backstage tours
C hire of costumes
D a bookshop
E a cafe

Questions 15, 16

Choose TWO letters, A – E.
Which TWO workshops does the theatre currently offer?

A sound
B acting
C making puppets
D make-up
E lighting

Questions 17-20

Label the plan below.
Write the correct letter, A – G, next to Questions 17-20

17 box office
18 theatre manager’s office
19 lighting box
20 artistic director’s office

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