IELTS Listening Practice Test 14

 IELTS Listening Section 2

Questions 11-14

You are going to hear a radio interview with a self-publishing expert. What FOUR things does she say new writers need to make sure they have before they self-publish?

A an impeccably edited novel
B another finished novel
C a solid marketing plan
D a budget
E a new novel in progress
F a lot of money on the side
G a good understanding of grammar

Questions 15-17

Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.

15 Patricia Abaddon’s first novel
A was a commercial success.
В had mediocre sales.
C performed terribly.

16 For the first year after his novel’s publication, Patricia Abaddon
A avoided checking how many copies he sold.
В was depressed about the results.
C was relatively happy with how the novel was doing.

17 Patricia Abaddon subscribed to writing magazines because
A she wanted to find out about writing competitions.
В it was a good way to build a fan base.
C she wanted to read advice from professionals.

Questions 18-20

Complete the sentences below with NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS.
18 Patricia Abaddon published her second novel under a because she didn’t want her readers to know about her first novel.
19 Patricia Abaddon used her website and her pages on to promote her second novel.
20 By the time her second novel was out, Patricia Abaddon wanted her third novel to be .

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