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FCE Reading and Use of English Practice Test 3

Part 7

You are going to read an article about cycling. For questions 43-52, choose from the cyclists (A-D). The cyclists may be chosen more than once.

When talking about their bike, which cyclist

43 accepts the need to wear uncomfortable safety equipment?
44 advises people to make sure a new bike is comfortable to ride?
45 believes that false information was given by the seller?
46 disagrees with other people’s opinion of one of the bike’s features?
47 hopes not to get caught in bad weather on the bike?
48 feels that cycling is less frustrating than driving?
49 finds some cycle journeys easier than others?
50 feels that the bike matches the owner’s character?
51 was once the victim of bike crime?
52 was a professional cyclist for a short time?

I love my bike

Four young Dubliners talk about the joys of cycling in the city

A Erin
This old second-hand bike gets me from A to В all right because you don’t need flashy sets of gears or anything like that in a city this size and it makes it less of a target for thieves. But having said that, mine’s a very bright colour – it cheers me up, especially when I have to cycle home in the pouring rain. I’ve always thought that the bike was a good reflection of the real me actually, and I usually wear jeans when I’m cycling. I might need to rethink that though because I’ve just started my own company, and my outlook on life has changed a little. There may be times when I need to turn up looking a bit more elegant! I’d say to anyone thinking of getting a bike, make sure the saddle’s right before you part with your money. If you’re going to use it a lot, you don’t want to get sore.

В Luke
I bought my bike from an Internet auction site and had to have it shipped from Germany in pieces. I then paid to have it assembled here in Dublin – but it was worth it. I use it every day and tend to wear everyday clothes and try and dodge the showers. I cycle all over the city because it’s much quicker than walking and you don’t get snarled up in the traffic, which can be a pain in a motor vehicle. At least on a bike you can keep moving. The only tip I’d give to novice cyclists round here is keep a lookout for drivers turning left, it’s easy for them to miss you because you can see what they’re doing but they can’t necessarily see you. I worked briefly as a cycle courier — delivering letters and stuff. It was fun, but I wouldn’t recommend making a career out of it!

C Claire
My parents picked this bike up for me in New York. It’s a red and black cruiser with a burger-shaped bell — some of my friends think that’s a bit uncool, but I don’t really go along with that idea. I’ve got two helmets, a summer and a winter version but I still get too hot on really sunny days. Still, you can’t really do without one, can you? I cycle down to college in no time at all, but the uphill trek home takes me around thirty-five minutes. I only take the bus if it’s wet. It’s quicker, but on the bike I can make my own mind up about when I travel. I cycle in high heels, which you might think would be tricky, but is actually easier than walking any distance in them. But I wouldn’t really recommend them to other cyclists.

D Kieran
My bike’s an early 1980s racer and I bought it off an old man who sells junk out of his garage. He reckoned it had once belonged to a professional cycling champion, but I think he was making it up. I was looking for old cameras, but when I saw it I couldn’t resist it. It did get stolen on one occasion, but then later that week I saw someone riding it up my street. I grabbed him and gave him his taxi fare home so that I could take it back. My advice to cyclists would be to wear fluorescent armbands, especially at night or in poor weather conditions. They’re less uncomfortable than the waistcoats or jackets in the same material. I’ve just invested in special raingear actually, but I don’t find it very comfortable, to be honest, because as soon as the sun comes out, you feel overdressed.

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