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FCE Reading and Use of English Practice Test 4 Printable

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Part 1

For questions 1-8, read the text below and decide which answer (А, В, C or D) best fits each gap. There is an example at the beginning (0).


A or В and C in D nor

Royal Residences

Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle 0 _____ the Palace of Holyroodhouse are these 1 _____ of the Sovereign and, as such, serve as both home and office for the Queen, whose personal flag flies 2 _____ her Majesty is in residence.

These buildings are used extensively for State ceremonies and official entertaining and are opened to the 3 _____ as much as these commitments allow. They are furnished with fine pictures and works of art from the Royal Collection, assembled over four centuries by successive sovereigns. Many of the State Apartments and rooms at the official residences have been in continuous use since their conception and many of the paintings are 4 _____ in the rooms for which they were originally 5 _____.

The official residences are in regular use and the style and manner in which they are shown to visitors reflects their working status. Rooms are kept as close to their normal 6 _____ as possible. Inevitably, opening times are subject to change at short notice depending on circumstances.

The Royal Collection, which is owned by the Queen as Sovereign in trust for her successors and the Nation, is administered by the Royal Collection Trust to which a proportion of the admission fee and other 7 _____ from visitors is directed. The remainder of this money funds the majority of the cost of restoring Windsor Castle which was badly 8 _____ by fire in November 1992.

1venuesB residencesC situationsD occupation
2A whateverB howeverC whoeverD whenever
3A humansB publicC peoplesD strangers
4A createdB exploredC producedD displayed
5A instructedB intendedC performedD guarded
6A featureB locationC destinationD appearance
7A salaryB budgetC incomeD wage
8A destroyedB ruinedC damagedD collapsed

Part 2

For questions 9-16, read the text below and think of the word which best fits each gap. Use only one word in each gap. There is an example at the beginning (0). In the exam, write your answers IN CAPITAL LETTERS on tho separate answer sheet.

Example: MOST


I have had what, I think, is the 0 _____ extraordinary day of my life. While the events are 9 _____ clear in my mind, I wish to write them down. Let me introduce 10 _____.

My name is Lawrence Terrel. I am thirty-five years old, and in perfect health. I have never been ill in my life, not even for a day. I am an artist. I am 11 _____ very successful, but I earn enough money to 12 _____ care of my needs. My only near relative, a sister, 13 _____ three years ago. So I have no family.

I ate breakfast this morning at eight. After I had read the morning paper, I smoked my pipe and let my mind wander. I hoped I would think of 14 _____ to draw. The room was very hot, even 15 _____ the door and window were open. I had decided to go to the public swimming pool when an idea for a drawing came to me.

I began to 16 _____. I was so interested in my work that I forgot to eat lunch. I did not stop until the clock struck five. I looked at what I had done. For a hurried picture, I felt it was the best thing I had ever drawn.

Part 3

For questions 17-24, read the text below. Use the word given in capitals at the end of some of the lines to form a word that fits in the gap in the same line. There is an example at the beginning (0).
In the exam, write your answers IN CAPITAL LETTERS on the separate answer sheet.


People in the world of 0 _____ have to be very 17 _____ in the way that they dress. It’s an 18 _____ fact that image is more than just a case of 19 _____ for a celebrity. How they present themselves is all part of their artistic personality. It would be 20 _____ though to think that somebody can be a successful celebrity just because of the clothes they wear. They don’t 21 _____ have to wear 22 _____ clothing but they do need to be talented and communicative and they also need to be 23 _____ of their fans who make them successful. They also need to be 24 _____ so that they can cope with all the public attention.0.ENTERTAIN

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