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FCE Listening Practice Test 27

Part 2

You will hear a lecture given to a group of parents about keeping children safe in water. For questions 9-18, complete the notes below which summarise what the speaker says.


The speaker says a 9 may be dangerous for small children.
The 10 of the Royal Lifesaving Society website can be found on the fact sheet.
A child can start swimming lessons when it is 11 old.
During swimming lessons, very young children learn to roll onto their 12 .
At a private pool, there should be one supervisor for every 13  children.
Children must learn not to go close to the 14 unless an adult is supervising them.
There are many more 15 in private swimming pools than public pools.
At home, put an alarm on the rear 16 so you hear a noise if your child has gone into the garden.
Apart from public and private pools, the 17 can also be dangerous to children.
At the beach, a 18 flying is a sign which means you must not swim.

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