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FCE Listening Practice Test 25

Part 2

You will hear an interview with a woman called Anita Lee, who runs a successful business producing ready-made Chinese meals. For questions 9-18, complete the sentences.

People in millions of British 9 eat Anita Lee’s meals.
The Chinese meals which Anita bought didn’t taste like the food cooked by 10 .
In order to cook for herself, Anita had to find authentic Chinese 11 .
A friend of Anita’s who was the owner of the local Chinese restaurant had trouble keeping 12 .
Increased demand made it necessary for Anita to hire people 13 .
Anita’s company was given the top prize for ethnic food by a well-known food 14 .
She needed money to expand the company, but she didn’t want to get a 15  from the bank.
Lania Foods wanted to make changes in the way that the 16 was produced.
In order to buy back her company, Anita was forced to sell 17 .
Becoming Businesswoman of the Year was Anita’s 18 .

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