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FCE Listening Practice Test 10

Part 2

You will hear a singer called Tim Tanner, who sings with his twin brother Sam Tanner, talking about their lives and career. For questions 9-18, complete the sentences.

Singing twins: Tim and Sam Tanner

The name of the talent competition which the twins won is 9 .
Tim is exactly 10 older than Sam.
The twins were born in the month of 11 .
The main physical difference between Tim and Sam is their 12 .
Tim has a less 13 personality than Sam.
At school, both Tim and Sam were good at 14 .
Sam started taking 15 lessons when he was thirteen.
The fact that the twins share the same 16 sometimes leads to arguments.
Tim says a key part of the twins’ image is the 17 they wear.
The title of the twins’ next album is 18 .

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