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FCE Listening Practice Test 28 Printable

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Part 1

You will hear people talking in eight different situations. For questions 1-8, choose the best answer (A, В or C).

1. You hear a man talking to an optician about his glasses. What does he need the glasses for?
A reading
B driving
C watching TV

2. You hear a tour guide talking to a group of people. Where are they?
A a library
B a historic house
C an art gallery

3. You hear a woman talking to her doctor. What does he think she might need?
A tablets to stay calm
B a heart operation
C new glasses

4. You hear a man talking about healthy eating. What does he suggest?
A eating a large breakfast
B eating a sandwich for lunch
C eating a big meal in the evening

5. You hear a girl talking about a recent holiday. Why did she come back early?
A because she didn’t like the hotel
B because something of hers was stolen
C because she was disappointed with the island

6. You hear a weather forecast on the radio. Which part(s) of England will have the heaviest rainfall?
A London and south-east
B northern
C western and central

7. You have lost some money and you telephone the lost property office. You hear a recorded message. What does the message tell you to do?
A to call in at the office between 9 AM and 5 PM
B to contact the police to make a statement
C to contact your bank immediately

8. You hear a man talking about a new photocopier. What is his problem with it?
A Too many people want to use it.
B It is too slow and gets too hot.
C It does not copy colour sheets correctly.

Part 2

You will hear a radio interview with a man called Greg Hunter, who is the editor of a sports magazine.For questions 9-18, complete the notes below which summarise what the speaker says.


A survey shows that 9 ______ coverage of women’s sport makes up only about 4% of stories.
Greg says the media doesn’t publish stories about a sport which not many 10 ______are interested in.
It is claimed that in the UK there are over 11 ______ women who play netball.
Apart from netball, Greg mentions 12 ______ as an example of a sport that many people do but not many want to read about.
Greg’s magazine has 13 ______ times as many male readers as female readers.
He thinks the 14 ______ needs a sports magazine especially for female readers.
Greg says top women tennis players aren’t able to spend much time with their 15 ______.
As a percentage of total TV sports time, women’s sport on television dropped to only 16 ______ last year.
There are about 17 ______ women who are members of the Sports Journalist Association of Great Britain.
The number of TV sports 18 ______ has increased recently, which should improve coverage of women’s sport.
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