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FCE Listening Practice Test 19 Printable

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Part 1

You will hear people talking in eight different situations. For questions 1-8, choose the best answer (A, В or C).

1. You hear someone talking about women’s football. What is she doing when she speaks?
A encouraging young girls to support a team
B suggesting how to attract young girls to the sport
C asking young girls to take the sport seriously

2. You hear a man talking on the radio about a bag made for use on walking trips. How does this new bag differ from others?
A It has pockets on the side.
B You can take off the rain cover.
C There are some extra features.

3. On the radio, you hear a man discussing a cartoon film about dinosaurs. What aspect of the film disappointed him?
A the design of the backgrounds
B the quality of the sound effects
C the size of the dinosaurs

4. You overhear a couple talking about keeping fit. What do they agree about?
A the need to be more active
B the benefits of joining a gym
C the dangers of too much exercise

5. In a radio play, you hear a woman talking on the phone to a friend. Where does the woman want her friend to meet her?
A on the beach
B at the bank
C in a shop

6. You hear a student talking to his friend about a meeting with his tutor. What was the student’s purpose in meeting his tutor?
A to see if there was a part-time job available
B to ask for financial assistance
C to request more time to complete coursework

7. You hear a man talking about learning how to paint landscapes. What does he say about it?
A It proved easier than he had thought.
B It showed him he had some talent.
C It opened up opportunities for him.

8. You turn on the radio and hear a man talking. What is he talking about?
A finding friendship
B solving problems
C helping others

Part 2

You’ll hear a talk about a person who makes musical instruments for a living. For questions 9-18, complete the sentences with a word or short phrase.

Musical Instrument Maker

Richard’s first ambition was to be a 9_______.
Richard makes organs which are used in 10_______ and churches worldwide.
It costs £ 11_______ to buy one of the organs which Richard makes.
According to Richard, personal 12_______ provide him with most of his overseas clients.
Richard says that he is involved in 13_______ organs, as well as building and selling them.
In terms of raw materials, only the 14_______ that Richard uses comes from Britain.
Richard’s new workshop will be in a building that was once used as a 15_______.
Richard will have to work in a 16_______ as well as in his new workshop.
The only thing that Richard will have to pay for in his new workshop is the 17_______.
The new workshop will be perfect for the instruments Richard makes because it is a 18_______ place.