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English Articles Test

Test your knowledge of articles in English in this exercise.All the numbers in the answers refer the page describing various rules of articles.

  1.  Remember girl who we met outside school yesterday? It was Amy, my girlfriend.
  2. beer is an alcoholic drink popular all over world.
  3. This is not coffee I asked you to buy.
  4. Pyrenees is the famous mountain range separating Spain from France.
  5. first time I went abroad was best experience of my life.
  6. If you can’t prove you have flu you will have to go to school tomorrow
  7. most people at work don’t even know my name.
  8. I exercise twice week. I wish I could do that more often but I can’t because of arthritis
  9. I live at Washington street, few block away down road.
  10. His name is John. In fact, he is John who came up with the new, hugely successful marketing strategy.
  11. third biggest country in the world is USA.
  12. Lake Baikal is one of biggest lakes in existence
  13. I am subscribed to Times Magazine and Sun newspaper.
  14. She knows how to sing and she also plays cello.
  15. University of Edinburgh is a prestigious establishment.