CAE Speaking Part 3 Example #4 - Vacation -

CAE Speaking Part 3 Example #4 – Vacation

CAE Speaking Part 3 (Collaborative Task) samples and useful phrases and ideas for your answers. If you are unsure what should CAE Speaking Part 3 answers have, check this explanation. You can save it in PDF or print using the button at the bottom.

Extra question: Which vacation is going to be most memorable?

CAE Speaking Part 3 Useful Phrases

Seaside hotelEuropean capitalSki resortCruise shipAt home
  • If you don’t feel like spending your holiday walking and seeing the sights
  • Great for swimming, dining out, cruising along the sea
  • Perfect for a family vacation
  • You can get culturally enriched by visiting places like museum and galleries (if you’re into that)
  • Probably the best restaurants, theatres, recreating and entertainment industries in general
  • If you are really into risk and sports, this is the optimal option. Nothing like a steep snowy hill and crisp frosty air
  • Fresh air and exercising are definitely great for your health and general well-being
  • An opportunity to see many different countries without feeling tired from travelling.
  • Cruise ship tickets can be bought for real bargain prices in low season
  • Definitely a unique experience everyone ought to have at least once in their life.
  • Not a very popular option, this one is by definition the most affordable one – in fact you won’t be spending anything extra
  • Spending free time at home might make it possible for you to improve something around your house – change the interior of fix something you’d meant to for a while

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