CAE Speaking Part 3 Example #3 - Applying for a job -

CAE Speaking Part 3 Example #3 – Applying for a job

CAE Speaking Part 3 (Collaborative Task) samples and useful phrases and ideas for your answers. If you are unsure what should CAE Speaking Part 3 answers have, check this explanation. You can save it in PDF or print using the button at the bottom.

Extra question: Which is going to be least important?

CAE Speaking Part 3 Useful Phrases

Work experiencePersonal connectionsThe interviewRecommendationsQualifications
  • An experienced worker is an invaluable asset to a company – everyone can benefit from their knowledge
  • It is only worth taking on an inexperienced employee if they are young and ready to learn
  • Nepotism is not ethical, but it can be of extreme help, especially early on in your career
  • It is possible to get a lucrative offer from friends or family even before a job offer is publicly posted
  • Creating a good first impression is crucial – especially if your qualifications or recommendations are not so brilliant
  • You might never see your boss again and that first impression can end up the only thing they associate you with
  • A wise employer is more likely to show preference to prospective staff members that come highly recommended
  • Recommendations would also mean that the potential employee didn’t burn the bridges at the previous place of work
  • Similar to work experience, but with more academic focus, qualifications show person’s ability and professional aptitude
  • Some companies might have strict policy regarding documental proof of one’s education

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