CAE Speaking Part 3 Example #2 - Different places to live in -

CAE Speaking Part 3 Example #2 – Different places to live in

CAE Speaking Part 3 (Collaborative Task) samples and useful phrases and ideas for your answers. If you are unsure what should CAE Speaking Part 3 answers have, check this explanation. You can save it in PDF or print using the button at the bottom.

Extra question: Which would be the most comfortable for a family with children?

CAE Speaking Part 3 Useful Phrases

Large cityQuiet villageSmall townCity outskirtsThe city centre
  • Greater employment opportunities
  • More developed infrastructure (i. e. shops, parks, sports centres, schools and universities)
  • Much better ecological situation
  • Healthier food, being able to grow it yourself
  • Much more relaxed and laidback lifestyle
  • Friendlier people, close-knit communities
  • Infrastructure that is sufficiently developed
  • Shorter commute time and distance
  • Less traffic congestion
  • Lower prices to buy and rent accommodation
  • Quieter, less busy streets
  • Air that is slightly cleaner in comparison with the city centre
  • Usually all the best recreational activities are held there
  • Almost no commuting is needed, you can walk everywhere
  • Living in the city centre is prestigious

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