CAE Speaking Part 3 Example #1 – Advantages and disadvantages of different occupations

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#1. Advantages and disadvantages of different occupations

Extra question: which of the occupations is more attractive to younger people?

CAE Speaking Part 3 Useful Phrases

Self-employmentWork at big corporationsWork at small companiesVolunteeringPart-time job
+ Being your own boss
+ Freedom of decision-making
+ Getting all the money you make
– Less security / Uncertainty
– Have to look for work and clients on your own
+ Competitive salary
+ Great career prospects/opportunities
+ Social benefits
+ Various perks, i.e. free lunches or quarterly bonuses
– High workload
– Working overtime
– Feeling of detachment
+ More direct interaction with your employer
+ More flexibility with your working hours and vacations
+ Can negotiate a pay rise easier
– Little to no room for growth
– A degree of financial uncertainty in poor economic climate
+ The joy of helping others unconditionally
+ Making a difference
+ Exposing yourself to new experiences
+ Different angle of things
– No monetary compensation
– Work can be hard and sometimes unpleasant
+ Greatest degree of flexibility
+ A nice variety to your daily routine
+ Can vary the amount of workload and work hours
– Not working full-time won’t make a lot of money
– Commuting just for a few hours’ work

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