CAE Speaking Part 2, Sample 5 - Playing games, Learning about the world

CAE Speaking Part 2 Cards – Set #5 (Playing games; Learning about the world)

CAE Speaking Part 2 sample questions with answers. If you want to print them or save in PDF, click the red icon at the bottom of this page.

Examiner: Here are your pictures. They show people playing different types of games. Please compare two of the pictures and say why might people have chosen to play these games and what could be the appeal of each game?

  • Why might people have chosen to play these games?
  • What could the appeal of each game be?

Candidate A: I’d like to talk about the top right and the bottom pictures. They both take place indoors and two players are engaged in each one, however the nature of these games is quite different. The videogame from the bottom photo doesn’t require much effort and that’s why they might have decided to play it. However, the other picture, where a couple of kids are playing a board game, might need certain commitment, as such games usually take time to get into.

Both games might be interesting for their own reasons. The board game probably helps develop your imagination, since the pieces are meant to represent various objects, while the videogame attracts its players by the visual and audio component. Therefore, both can be engaging, ultimately depending on what the players are after.

Short-turn question: Who is more likely to benefit from playing these games?

Candidate B: I’d say it’s the guys playing basketball in the street. Not only are they likely to develop their physique and minds, but also make new social connections by meeting all kinds of new people on the sports ground. It’s definitely a great way to spend your free time in the most beneficial way of the three.

Examiner: Here are the pictures. They show people learning in different environments. Please compare two of the pictures and say what are the advantages of learning in each of these ways and why people might have chosen to learn like that?

  • What are the advantages of learning in each of these ways?
  • Why people might have chosen to learn like that?

Candidate B: Let’s talk about the two pictures at the top then. The left one shows a regular class with a teacher and a number of students in a classroom – the teacher seems to be in the middle of explaining something and one of the kids is raising his hand. The good thing about learning in that way is that you can always ask the teacher to clarify, which is not so easy with the other situation. There, we can see one guy at home sitting in front of a computer, probably with his mom. Needless to say, his mother is not very likely to know every single school subject as good as the teacher of that respective field.

Speaking about the reasons they might have to choose to learn like that, I believe that home-schooling is a popular choice with people who have to commute very long distances to the place of study. Another possible reason is when the kid in question doesn’t get on well with their classmates. As for the more conventional classroom education, it is usually not a choice, but a compulsory way the things are. That’s how the vast majority of children seem to get their education nowadays.

Short-turn question: In which picture the learning is going to be most effective?

Candidate A: That’s a tough question.. probably the ordinary approach with a teacher will prove to be most fruitful. Even though it is hard to teach every single person in class effectively and the teacher often have to adjust to the lowest common denominator, it is still a very good idea to have an experienced and knowledgeable person guide you through subjects.

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