CAE Speaking Part 2 Cards - Set #12 (Places to live; Different issues) -

CAE Speaking Part 2 Cards – Set #12 (Places to live; Different issues)

CAE Speaking Part 2 sample questions with answers. If you want to print them or save in PDF, click the red icon at the bottom of this page.

Examiner: Here are your pictures that show people living in different environments. Compare two of the pictures and say why people might have chosen to live in these places and how comfortable might they be there?

  • Why might the people have chosen to live in these places?
  • How comfortable might they be there?

Candidate A: I’m going to talk about the left photo and the bottom one. These two photos show people spending their time outside, in the first photo it is a woman who seems to be relaxing far from the city centre, while in the second photo we can observe crowds of people hurrying up in a rush hour. The people might choose to live in these places as it matches their personality, the woman probably prefers peace and quiet and seizes any opportunity to escape from the city, however, people who live in big metropolitan areas evidently like being busy and have active lifestyle. The woman likely to be happy enough and enjoys her day out, the people appear to be a bit stressed and exhausted after long working day.

Short-turn question: Who do you think is benefiting most from living there?

Candidate B: I would say that it’s the lady in the left picture. To my mind, this person is living in harmony with nature, despite the fact that it seems a bit wild, it might be extremely advantageous to live in a rural area and not in a city packed with people, cars, glass and concrete.

Examiner: Here are the pictures. They show various approaches to advertising. Please compare two of the pictures and say what might be the advantages of advertising in these ways and how important it might be for these people?

  • What might these people have in common?
  • How important might it be for them?

Candidate B: I’ll be comparing the right and the bottom photos. The girl in the first photo seems to be a bit tired but satisfied enough with amount of work she has done to fight against environmental problems. The young man in the second photo also appears to be worried about the environment and willing to save our planet. Both pictures show people striving to do their best about the issues that concern them and may be of a high importance. However, the girl might have chosen more practical kind of help, while the man is probably trying to raise peoples’ awareness about the situation.

Short-turn question: Which situation is the most difficult for the people to deal with?

Candidate A: For me it seems to be situation in the left photo, as the elderly woman and young girl are probably willing to have their own, naturally grown food, it looks like they have it not only for themselves but also share it with other people or sell. In this case, it might be quite difficult to maintain quality of food and have sustainable business to produce eco-friendly products.
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