CAE Speaking Part 2 Cards – Set #10 (Sports activities; Free time)

CAE Speaking Part 2 sample questions with answers. If you want to print them or save in PDF, use “printfriendly” button at the bottom of this page.

Examiner: Here are your pictures. They show people doing sports. Please compare two of the pictures and say what skills and personal qualities each sports activity involves and how might these activities make people feel?

  • What skills and personal qualities does each sports activity involve?
  • How might these activities make people feel?

Candidate A: I’m going to talk about the left picture and the bottom one. In the first picture we can see a group of cyclists, they are probably professional sportsmen who are in the middle of the race. However, in the second picture there is a runner who might be an amateur, he seems to be warming up and preparing for jogging. As both activities are physically demanding, they evidently require certain level of will-power and competitive spirit. Moreover, these types of sports may be quite inspiring in terms of learning how to pluck up their courage and can provide them with a rewarding feeling of achievement.

Short-turn question: Who do you think would need the most practice?

Candidate B: I’d like to choose the left picture, judging by their facial expression they are making intensive efforts to win the race. It seems to be highly desirable for them, probably they were practicing for many years to take part in such competition.

Examiner: Here are the pictures. They show people spending their free time in different ways. Compare two of the pictures and say why the people might have chosen to spend their time in these different ways and how they might be feeling?

  • Why the people might have chosen to spend their time in these different ways?
  • How they might be feeling?

Candidate B: I would like to talk about the bottom photo and the top-left one. The first photo shows a man who is sitting in a café and probably having lunch. In the second picture, a couple appears to be having a romantic date. In both pictures the people have chosen to spend their time outside. However, the man seems to be a traveller and he is simply having a short break alone to continue his journey. A couple is evidently not in a hurry, it was a thoughtful choice to have dinner in such place and they are just enjoying time together.

Short-turn question: Who do you think is enjoying the time most?

Candidate A: It seems like this family in the top-right photo is absolutely happy at the moment, as it is always a great pleasure to be able to spend time with your family. Here they might be celebrating someone’s birthday and enjoying their day to the fullest.

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