CAE Listening Practice Test 9

CAE Listening Practice Test 9

CAE Listening Part 2

You will hear a student called Tim Farnham giving a class presentation about a seabird called the albatross. For questions 7-14, complete the sentences.

The Albatross

Tim thinks that the name ‘albatross’ comes originally from a word in the 7 language.
There are currently though to be a total of 8 species of albatross.
The fact that it relies on 9 explains why the albatross isn’t found in some areas.
By using a locking mechanism in its 10 , the albatross can save energy when flying.
Tim explains that the albatross has a surprisingly good sense of 11 .
Tim was surprised to discover that 12 attack albatross nests.
The albatross used to be hunted mostly for its 13 as well as for food.
Tim gives the example of 14 as plastic objects commonly eaten by albatrosses.

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