CAE Listening Practice Test 4 -
CAE Listening Practice Test 4

CAE Listening Practice Test 4

CAE Listening Part 3

You will hear a radio interview in which an artist called Sophie Axel is talking about her life and career. For questions 15-20, choose the answer (А, В, C or D) which fits best according to what you hear.

15 Sophie illustrates the importance of colour in her life by saying she
A has coloured daydreams
B associates letters and colours
C paints people in particular colours
D links colours with days of the week

16 Sophie’s attitude to risk is that her children should be
A left to cope with it
B warned about it
C taught how to deal with it
D protected from it

17 Sophie’s mother and aunt use their artistic gifts professionally in the
A pictures they paint together
B plays they perform on stage
C objects they help to create
D clothes they design and make

18 Sophie feels the puppet show she mentions is a good example of
A the inspiration she gives to other people
B the admiration she now enjoys
C the expectations she has to live up to
D the assistance she gives the playgroup

19 Sophie was a failure at art school because she
A was not interested in design
B favoured introspective painting
C was very pessimistic
D had a different approach to art

20 When Sophie had no money to repair her bike, she offered to
A take a part-time job
B publicise a national charity
C produce an advertisement
D design posters on commission

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