CAE Listening Practice Test 19

CAE Listening Practice Test 19

CAE Listening Part 4

You will hear five short extracts in which college students are talking about being a member of a club.

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For questions 21-25, choose from the list A-H what made each speaker decide to join the club.

For questions 26-30, choose from the list A-H the main disadvantage of being a club member which each speaker mentions
A the advice of a friend
Bseeing an advertisement
Cwanting to meet people
Da desire to try something new
Ehoping to learn a skill
Fa need for exercise
Gwishing to please someone else
Hgoing along with a group decision

21 Speaker 1

22 Speaker 2

23 Speaker 3

24 Speaker 4

25 Speaker 5

A the cost
B the regular commitment
C the attitude of other members
D the location
E the way it’s organised
F the level of challenge
G the timing of sessions
H the lack of feedback on progress

26 Speaker 1

27 Speaker 2

28 Speaker 3

29 Speaker 4

30 Speaker 5

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