CAE Listening Practice Test 14

CAE Listening Practice Test 14

CAE Listening Part 2

You will hear a radio report by the journalist Susie Stubbs, who has been to the tropical island of Reunion to find out about the flavouring called vanilla. For questions 7-14 complete the sentences with a word or short phrase.


Susie says that, despite its cost, vanilla is the world’s most 7 spice.
The vanilla plant is originally from Mexico, where it depends on a local 8 for its existence.
Susie says the term 9 is used to talk about vanilla plants on the island.
Recently the vanilla harvest has been affected by 10 and this impacts on the price.
These days the vanilla plants are covered by 11 for protection.
Sometimes there are 12 in the vanilla seed pods to show which farm they come from.
The vanilla pods are sun-dried and then 13 briefly before being packed in boxes.
The boxes used to store the pods are wrapped in 14 to keep the heat in.

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