CAE Listening Practice Test 10 -
CAE Listening Practice Test 10

CAE Listening Practice Test 10

CAE Listening Part 3

You will hear an interview with a writer called Barry Pagham, who writes crime novels. For questions 15-20, choose the answer (А, В, C or D) which fits best according to what you hear.

15 What does Barry say about his first two published novels?
A They were more successful than he anticipated
B They were useful in proving that he could write
C It’s a shame that they’re no longer available to buy
D It was a mistake to write an unfashionable type of novel

16 Barry admits that when he wrote the novel Transgression,
A he only did it to please his publishers
B he didn’t expect it to be so well received
C he didn’t intend to produce any more like it
D he never meant it to be sold as a horror story

17 Looking back, how does Barry view his decision to write his first crime novel?
A He accepts that he took a big risk
B He wishes that he hadn’t upset his publishers
C He recognises that he behaved unprofessionally
D He regrets putting himself under so much stress

18 Barry tells the story of the arrest of an armed robber to illustrate
A how true to life his novels are
B how dangerous his research can be
C how seriously the police take his work
D how unpredictably criminals can sometimes behave

19 What does Barry say about the city where his novels are based?
A He makes it sound more exciting than it actually is
B He regards it as an important element in the stories
C He doesn’t attempt to create a realistic picture of it
D He’s surprised that foreign readers want to visit it

20 How would Barry feel about becoming a policeman?
A He suspects that he wouldn’t be brave enough
B He doubts whether he would have the patience
C He’s sure someone of his age wouldn’t be accepted
D He suggests that he wouldn’t reject the idea completely

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