CAE Listening Practice Test 15 Printable -
CAE Listening Practice Test 15 Printable

CAE Listening Practice Test 15 Printable

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Part 1

You will hear three different extracts. For questions 1-6, choose the answer (A, В or C) which fits best according to what you hear. There are two questions for each extract.

Extract One
You hear two people talking about public speaking.

1. Both speakers refer to a feeling of
A over-confidence.
В embarrassment.
C achievement.

2. The two speakers agree that a big problem with speaking in public is
A losing the audiences attention during a speech.
В choosing the wrong content for a speech.
C feeling nervous at the thought of giving a speech.

Extract Two
You hear part of a radio programme about the London Underground.

3. The poster campaign came at a time when
A various aspects of life in London were changing.
В many people were reluctant to travel on the Underground.
C the use of posters for advertising was increasing.

4. What does Zoe say about the content of the posters?
A It only appealed to a certain type of person.
В It contrasted with real life for many people.
C It influenced the lifestyles of some people.

Extract Three
You hear two people discussing the news media.

5. What opinion does the man express about the news media?
A It doesn’t deserve its reputation.
В It has become more influential.
C Its standards have risen.

6. The woman mentions medical stories
A to explain her attitude to the news media.
В to illustrate the importance of the news media.
C to describe why people dislike the news media.

Part 2

You will hear part of a talk about the invention of the microwave oven. For questions 7-14,
complete the sentences with a word or short phrase.

Protecting the Seas from Pollution

The invention of the microwave oven began when a chocolate peanut bar 7________ in Percy Spencer’s pocket.
Spencer had previously invented a method for 8________ the tubes used in radar equipment.
Spencer’s first experiment involved putting 9________ near to some radar equipment.
In his next experiment, an egg was put into a kettle and it 10________.
The first microwave oven was set up in 11________ in Boston in 1946.
The first microwave oven got its name as a result of 12________ at the company.
One problem with the first microwave oven was that 13________ did not change colour in it.
When a microwave oven that could be placed on top of a 14________ was produced, sales began to rise.
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