A collection of articles dedicated to various aspects of English vocabulary

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How to increase vocabulary

To know the right word at the right moment is important. In fact, it is so important it can make ...
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Formal and Informal Vocabulary

This entry is about differences in vocabulary of formal and informal styles. For general differences, see this article. Both formal ...
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Intensifiers or synonyms to “very”

To give stronger meaning to an expression you use a word called an intensifier — like "very". To make your speech ...
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Formal and Informal English

There are two registers in English — formal and informal. Formal language is more common for official speeches, writing, academic texts ...
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English language collocations

Collocations are words that combine well together, making set phrases. "Do your homework", "a brief period", "a bunch of flowers" — ...
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Spelling and Words Easy to Spell Wrong

Spelling is a crucial aspect of your CAE or IELTS exam. A misspelled word will be seen as a mistake even ...
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