IELTS Listening

IELTS Listening questions types

All of the following examples are taken from IELTS official web page

1. Matching information from the recording with data in your question paper and then choosing the right letter in the answer sheet. In this example, you may use any letter more than once. If this is the case, it says so in the task



2. Multiple choice can be either choosing one of three correct answers or completing the sentence with one of three given endings. Sometimes the list of answers is bigger and you have to pick more than one of them. Listen/read the instructions carefully.

Multiple choice


3. Short-answer questions require you to respond to factual questions on the text. You have to write the answer with the word limit rules similar to the previous question type.

Short answer

4. Plan/map/diagram completion involves diagram label completion. This diagram is based on the information provided in the text. It can be an illustration of a mechanism, a process, a building and so on. You have to write the words in the gaps that the diagram has. The gaps are enumerated for your convenience. The word limit requirement is similar to the previous tasks

Diagram labelling

5. Table/flowchart/form completion involves filling the gaps in these documents. The order of information in the document and the recording is the same.

Form completion


6. Sentence completion is a task that has a sentence with a gap in it. You have to fill the gap choosing word (or words) from the recording. The task states the word limit. Usually it’s up to three words and/or a number, meaning that you can use up to three words plus a digit. It doesn’t mean that your answer has to be no shorter than three words, the answer can be one word only. It means that you shouldn’t exceed the word limit provided. Articles and prepositions are counted as words too. Hyphenated words(Afro-American, good-looking) are counted as one.

Sentence completion

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