IELTS Listening Practice Test 25 -

IELTS Listening Practice Test 25

Section 3

Questions 21-24
Choose the correct answer A, B or C

21 According to John, what is the main advantage of space exploration?
A To supply resources for use on Earth.
B To find out more about the origins of our planet.
C To establish a colony for humans if Earth becomes uninhabitable.

22 According to the speakers, why can’t robots be sent into space instead of humans?
A They cannot operate for long enough.
B They are too expensive to build.
C They are too reliant on humans.

23 What are we told about the space technology currently used?
A It can be unreliable.
B It is based on old technology.
C It is becoming cheaper to produce.

24 What is the biggest problem in sending robots to Mars?
A the distance
B the atmosphere
C the extreme temperatures

Questions 25-30
Who expresses the following opinions?
A John
B Susan
C Both John and Susan

25 We should plan a trip to Mars even though it may not happen soon.
26 We may eventually colonise Mars.
27 The soil on Mars is highly toxic.
28 The soil on Mars contains materials we could use.
29 Spaceships cannot be totally protected from radiation.
30 It is possible that humans could form a base on Mars.

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