IELTS Listening Practice Test 12

Questions 21-23

Complete the sentences below.
Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

Effects of weather on mood
21 Phil and Stella’s goal is to the hypothesis that weather has an effect on a person’s mood.
22 They expect to find that ‘good’ weather (weather which is ) has a positive effect on a person’s mood.
23 Stella defines effect on mood’ as a in the way a person feels.

Questions 24-27

What information was given by each writer?
Choose your answers from the box and write the letters A-F next to Questions 24-27.

24 Vickers
25 Whiteboume
26 Haverton
27 Stanfield

A the benefits of moving to a warmer environment
В the type of weather with the worst effect on mood
C how past events affect attitudes to weather
D the important effect of stress on mood
E the important effect of hours of sunshine on mood
F psychological problems due to having to cope with bad weather

Questions 28-30

Choose THREE letters A-H
Which THREE things do Phil and Stella still have to decide on?

A how to analyse their results
B their methods of presentation
C the design of their questionnaire
D the location of their survey
E weather variables to be measured
F the dates of their survey
G the size of their survey
H the source of data on weather variables

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