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FCE Reading and Use of English Practice Test 2

Part 6

You are going to read an article about jobs that involve international travel. Six sentences have been removed from the article. Choose from the sentences A-G the one which fits each gap (37-42). There is one extra sentence which you do not need to use.


You could be jetting off to exotic locations, staying in five star hotels, eating in top-class restaurants, and it’s all paid for by your employer. Who wouldn’t want a job that involves foreign travel? 37 . The number of jobs requiring international travel is growing significantly. And citing business travel experience on your CV can bring enormous professional benefits.

But it’s not always as exciting as it sounds. There is a big difference between travelling to Milan as a tourist and travelling there to spend a day in the type of hotel meeting room that can be found anywhere in Europe. It can be very exciting, but you need to keep your feet firmly on the ground. Speak to seasoned international business travellers to get an idea of what you will face. Flights can be delayed, things can go wrong and it’s easy to get exhausted. Many jobs mean travelling alone, so you can be lonely.

Simply targeting any job that involves foreign travel is not the way to start. 38 . It’s as illogical as saying you want a job that involves wearing smart clothes. Instead, you should consider all the usual factors, such as qualifications and experience, and only then choose a sector or company that offers opportunities for international travel.

The travel and hotel trades are obvious areas, but the commercial sector also offers good prospects for travel. In the retail sector, buyers often travel, especially if they work in fresh produce, where they have to check the suitability of crops. 39 . Jobs in the engineering and environment sector can involve travel, too. Almost any career can mean international travel, if you choose the right company and role. The number of jobs involving travel, especially at middle-management level, is growing.

So what will help you secure a role with an international flavour? 40 . A second language is a good indication of how well someone will adapt. You need to show you are flexible and willing to learn. I f your company has a sister company in the Czech Republic, for instance, learning some Czech will boost your chances.

Find out what the company offers as a support package. Many now guarantee that you can return home at the weekends, or they will limit the amount that people travel each year. 41 . One company asked graduates fresh out of university to move to another country over a weekend, alone, and to find their own accommodation.

And it’s as well to remember that international travel can be stressful. People can get burned out by international business travel. You need to be in control of your schedule, rather than leaving it to the company. You must ensure you get time to rest and talk to your employer all the time about how you are coping. Don’t wait for formal appraisals or until they ask for your views. 42 . Most sensible companies ask people to commit to two to three years. This increases the likelihood of success. And most people who travel on business remember it fondly.

A On the other hand, it does bring personal benefits, and it also has a dramatic effect on promotion prospects.
В Making travel your first requirement is not the way to choose a career.
C And realize you might not want to travel for ever.
D Employers look for candidates with an international outlook.
E And there are plenty of opportunities.
F But not all employers are like this.
G Employment in communications, banking and finance, and property management is also worth looking at.

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