FCE Listening Practice Test 13

Part 4

You will hear three people discussing a film they have just seen at the cinema (Wendy, Mrs Turner and Adrian). For questions 24-30, choose the best answer (A, В or C).

24. What did Wendy’s mum think of the film?
A It was not her favourite film.
B She loved the film.
C She absolutely hated it.

25. Adrian mentions doing a course in order to show that
A he wants to change the subject.
B Mrs Turner is wrong about the dinosaurs.
C he knows what he is talking about.

26. Adrian feels that watching a film at home
A is always better than going to the cinema.
B is not something he wants to do again.
C has advantages and disadvantages.

27. When Adrian suggests that Wendy was frightened, she
A admits that she felt scared.
B denies that she felt scared.
C complains about the length of the film.

28. What do Wendy and her mum disagree about?
A whether or not the film was frightening
B whether or not Wendy covered her eyes
C whether or not the film is P.G. rated

29. What is it suggested that they do now that the movie has ended?
A go straight home
B go for a drink
C go for dinner

30. Adrian doesn’t let Mrs Turner drive because
A he enjoys driving.
B she will drink alcohol.
C they could get in trouble.

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