FCE Listening Practice Test 11

Part 4

You will hear an interview with a woman called Penny Greer, who works as a photographer. For questions 24-30, choose the best answer (A, В or C).

24. How did a college course in photography most affect Penny?
A She realised the importance of light.
B She learnt a more commercial style.
C She developed certain artistic skills.

25. Penny decided to specialise in wedding photography because she
A had always been interested in weddings.
B hoped to photograph weddings in a new way.
C was influenced by other wedding photographers.

26. Penny currently gets most of her customers through
A her website.
B magazine advertising.
C a mailing list.

27. What takes up most of Penny’s time?
A talking to clients
B taking the shots
C editing her work

28. Penny says she gets the photographs she wants when people
A relax fully.
B dress in an original way.
C express their feelings strongly.

29. What does Penny love most about her job?
A having the chance to work with different types of people
B seeing the work go through a number of stages
C organising the work in her own way

30. Penny advises young photographers to
A develop a personal style.
B take as many photos as they can.
C start their own business as soon as possible.

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