CAE Reading and Use of English Practice Test 12

CAE Reading and Use of English Practice Test 12

CAE Reading and Use of English Part 2

For questions 9-16, read the text below and think of the word which best fits each gap. Use only one word in each gap. There is an example at the beginning (0).

Are You Happy Where You Work?

Finding a job you love is the first step to being happy at work, but 0 having the right workplace environment is equally important. Creativity, hard work and bright ideas come 9 positive, happy working environments in 10 people are allowed the freedom to think, develop and express themselves. It’s important for everyone to have 11 own clearly-defined work space, even if the workplace adopts an ‘open plan’ style, as so many offices now 12 . Relaxation areas where people meet to chat and discuss ideas during office hours are regarded 13 particularly beneficial.

Adding plants to the working environment can also 14 offices to life, since they increase oxygen levels, purify the air and can create a calming and more productive environment. Finally, the lighting 15 be right, because it can have a huge effect on people’s moods. If offices are too harshly lit, 16 can result in anger and headaches and lead to a lack of concentration.

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